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“Starting Over,” Ernie Halter’s latest album, is the perfect mix of pop, blues and soul.   Even as I type this, I can’t sit still in my chair.  While listening to it, one thing comes to mind.  Roadtrip.  No, this is not as random as it sounds, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t some subliminal […]

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A week ago, I had never heard of Matt York.  Too bad for me.  I am all about music that I can listen do while doing absolutely anything.  I want to be able to listen to it while I’m happy, bawling my eyes out, driving to an interview, writing a 24-page paper or while readying […]

    Rascal Flatts know their fan base.  Each CD they release features a painful love ballad, a very country sounding song, and the ones full of morals and life lessons.  Unstoppable, their CD released on April 7th, has proven to be nothing different. It’s as if the trio looks at a formula sheet each time […]

I first fell in love with Tony Lucca on March 1st. He opened up for Sara Bareilles when she sang in Champaign, Ill., and had me sold immediately. The nerdy, thick-rimmed glasses-wearing singer baffled me. I just didn’t quite understand how a voice with that much of a blues vibe could come out of him. […]

Hello, all! A fashion loving, trend-setter has submitted a fashion article.  Read on to hear Kate explain how fashion across the world differs just as much as various cultures do. Fashion, Fashion, Fashion By: Kate Colletti Fashion is pretty much my main interest, and I can’t help but notice the vast international differences.  It’s ever […]

I feel like this season just started, and in an hour, there will only be 8 contestants left.  Craziness.  My preditions for bottom 3?  Megan, Matt and Anoop.  I have a feeling that the judges will have to save someone for the first time.  I fear that Anoop is going home and the judges will […]

Please don’t call, talk to me or stand too close.  My arms may fly, I may gasp and mean comments are bound to fly out of my mouth.   The time has come for me to shut out the rest of the world and watch American Idol.  My computer is on my lap, and I’m ready […]


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