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Honestly, this record started a year ago when I decided to stop playing music for awhile because being in a band was ruining my life. -Andy Herod “Ain’t too Bright” by the Electric Owls serves up something entirely different than most records today.  Rather than having a super new sound or one that was embraced […]

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Katie has submitted another fashion article.  Guys, pay attention!  Ladies, feel free to forward it along to all of your guy friends (whether they need guidance or not).

I am not a scientist, but I do understand one small part of genetics: certain traits are passed on from parent to child.  Simple, right?  Evidently, musical talent stands as one of the traits that can be transmitted from father to son. Does the last name Loggins happen to ring a bell?  Crosby Loggins is […]

Today, the world says goodbye to an international superstar.  Michael Jackson, a natural-born performer, stunned audiences everywhere with his songwriting abilities, versatile voice and impeccable dance moves. I found out about Michael Jackson in a text message while I was in the middle of the city of Chicago.  Since this was such a shock, I […]

Lip sync much?!


Ok, so I get that some performers lip sync to better their overall show quality.  Many heighten a performance with dance or ridiculous stunts that would make it nearly impossible to sing without sounding horrendous.  Uhh…but don’t most people go to concerts for the music? Last week, Kristina DeBarge performed her hit song “Goodbye” on […]

Thoughts Out Loud/HauteThought has a new genre for all of you! Musicians I truly admire are few and far between.  Technological advancements such as Auto Tune, Pro Tools and the distortion effect that took the hip hop scene by storm last year have made it possible for people like Britney Spears and Lil’ Wayne to […]

Shame on the teachers that told you never to judge a book by its cover.  In the case of Kyle Andrews’ “Real Blasty,” please do.  The colorful cover art as well as the bright greens, pinks and yellows that plaster themselves to the actual disc don’t lie.  Andrews’ music is about as far from dull […]

Hello, all! A friend of mine has an amazing display of artwork set up at the Downers Grove Public Library.  It will be up for the entire month of June, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Joe’s description of the display: Come view an exhibition of recent work hanging in the […]

Finally, another fashion article.  Just like the last one, Kate has been generous enough to give us a bit of fashion wisdom.  The topic?  High-waisted skirts. So, high-waisted skirts…what is there to say about high-waisted skirts… For starters, a high-waisted skirt is a very tricky piece of clothing to wear.  If it doesn’t sit correctly […]



Hmm..Adam (G)Lambert or Britney Spears?  The green snake groping the photo’s subject really throws me off. Adam, we love you, but why is there a snake that close to your zipper?  Better question–Why is there a butterfly pin so close to your zipper? Otherwise, awesome color scheme.  It’s all tied together with the green of […]


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