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Music [myoo-zik] noun:  An art form created to evoke some form of emotion with the use of instrumentation, voice and the dance between rhythm, melody and harmony. No, I’m not a dictionary, but I believe I have a solid understanding of what music is and what elements have the ability to draw people in.  “Dust,” […]

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After 13 years, five studio albums, 10 million album sales, breaks and fixes, Placebo has released their first album since 2006.  “Battle for the Sun” was released on June 9th, 2009, in the US and Canada. The whirlwind of success they’ve gained and battles they’ve fought only helps to make their music more genuine.  Their […]

So Many Dynamos, a four piece band out of Edwardsville, Illinois, has been fusing together dance punk, indie pop, a bit of electronic sound and math rock for six years. After popping in The Loud Wars, their second album (released on April 28th of this year), one thing came to mind.  They reminded me of […]


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