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When I hear a song that I really enjoy, I can’t help but sing along.  It doesn’t exactly matter if I don’t know the words because, let’s face it, half of the people that sing along don’t know the words, either.  Generally speaking, I only do this with songs that I have heard at least […]

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Forming a band from a group of individuals that have been trained in genres ranging from classical music to rock music to electronic is a difficult feat.  Each style has its own strengths and complications, and attempting to fuse them together could easily turn out to be a jumbled mess.  California Wives, a four piece […]

Some CDs are extremely easy to listen to.  They don’t require too much thought and can be tossed into the CD player regardless of your mood.  Sister Hazel’s latest release, “Release,” happens to be one of those CDs.  I have listened to this while working on the most boring homework assignment, while I was extremely […]


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