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  By: Tyler Deardorff Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren all in one movie where they’re all total badasses?!  Oh, I’m so there.  RED tells the story of a group of retired CIA agents who know too much about the company and are then chased.  That’s all you need to know.  Ok, […]

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By: Tyler Deardorff Ok, let’s all be honest here.  We miss Friends.  We miss Joey saying “How you doin’?”  We miss Ross making funny faces and high pitch noises and Rachel making her new hairstyles an annual event.  We want that reunion so bad, yet it hasn’t happened.  The creators have to know that it […]

Guilty Pleasure


By: Tyler Deardorff Tyler’s take on the almost YouTube billionaire. Everybody likes Lady Gaga.  They’re just too afraid to admit it.  Yes, she may be a little out there and yes, she maybe have worn a dress made out of meat…but she is music right now.  She may be a little crazy but you know […]

In April of 2009, I reviewed Ernie Halter’s album, “Starting Over.”  As soon as I popped in “Live” and the groove that Halter seems to create effortlessly filled the room, a smile crept across my face and sitting still once again became a challenge. Recording a live album is no simple task.  It exposes the […]

  Check it outtt.  Lady Gaga’s VEVO Channel is almost to ONE BILLION VIEWS.  As of approximately 9:00 tonight, Lady Gaga’s videos have been viewed 992,465,359 times.  People are memorizing her lyrics, melodies and dance steps and sing them back to her during her concerts productions.  That has got to be one of the best […]

by Tyler Deardorff I have now seen a movie where I was legitimately sad that it ended.  Let’s say it’s the equivalent of leaving Disney World. After seeing Jackass Number Two (clever title) I didn’t think they could set the bar any higher with the stuff they did.  Ohhh, I was wrong.  Not only does […]

Last spring, I took a class that focused on literary journalism.  We were instructed to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  My subject made that quite easy.  Meet Cody Sokolski, the CEO and founder of Champaign, Illinois’ One Main Development and singer, songwriter and guitar player for the Delta Kings. “I’m not feeling the Holy […]


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