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Today is Friday, which, in case you didn’t know, is code word for amazing.  The weekend is hours away and a lot of us are dancing in our seats, excited to take a brief break from work or school.  Naturally, I had hopes of finding a song that mirrored my optimistic and overly excited attitude.  […]

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With the success of indie bands at The Grammys a couple of weeks ago, it only seems right that a song from an indie group is featured as song of the day.  The Format hails from Arizona and are a mix of alternative, indie and punk.  In true “hipster” fashion, they chose their name to  make […]

British singer-songwriter, Adele, released her second album, 21, today and instantly won me over. I wrestled with myself in terms of turning this into an album review rather than song of the day for longer than I’d like to admit…but settled with sticking to my goal of posting a new song each day. (Don’t be […]

Alright, I’m starting something new.  Because my iPod is crying for new music, I’ve decided to take on a new challenge: to discover a new song every day.  Hopefully Pandora can help in this endeavor, but I also hope all of you can give suggestions!  Consider this to be your challenge, as well.  As I […]

“Students come to Notre Dame to learn not only how to think but also how to live…”  For alumni The King, Fancy G, Krispy Kreme and Officer Nik Rod, Notre Dame taught them that being down for weird was a way of life. After meeting in South Bend, Indiana, the foursome cemented their bond in […]

by: Tyler Deardorff John Wayne, please don’t haunt me, but Jeff Bridges was better as Rooster Cogburn than you were. Now don’t get me wrong, both are very good, well acted movies but Jeff Bridges is a hilarious badass in this version. The Coen Brothers, yet again, make another great movie with beautiful cinematography. 14 […]

by: Tyler Deardorff Wow, I was not expecting this. When my friend Anne asked me to go see this movie (we usually see the “hype” movies) I was expecting a lame ballet movie. Holy shadooby was I wrong. This movie is intense, disturbing, suspenseful and a it messes with your mind. Natalie Portman is practically […]


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