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Alright, cold weather.  I’ve had it up to here with you.  You’ve overstayed your welcome (as you do every year) and, quite frankly, I’m sick of it.  It is time for you to pack up your flurries and overly powerful wind gusts and hit the road.  Goodbye; see you never (I wish). Bring on the […]

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Today is Friday and as usual, I spent my morning on the prowl for a “Friday” song.  No, Rebecca Black’s hot mess of a YouTube video will not be gracing your ears via Haute Thought today; though if you want to have “fun fun fun fun,” you go right on ahead and add that song […]

Good ol’ Kenny.  I’ve loved you for years now and you’ve never let me down.  Somewhere With You came up during my country-search-turned-rap-find day, but I only heard the first few seconds before having to pack up and head home.  I did take 2 seconds to scribble down the song title and artist, though, and […]

Edit: Looks like we all got too excited.  Nicole Scherzinger just bumped Adele from the number one spot by selling 98,000 copies of her new album.  Worry not, though. “Adele’s 21 has achieved in just two months what took Lady Gaga’s The Fame over two years. This really is a coming of age for digital […]

Time to shake the Monday blues.  I’ve finally accepted that no matter how many times I wish it, I will not end up back in my bed until later tonight and the work week has officially begun.  Moving on….  I meant to post this on Saturday but somehow, I failed to touch a computer.  That’s […]

After watching countless country music videos last night, I woke up bound and determined to find a new country song to fall in love with.  My dreams were full of whiskey, beer, being left by someone I love, losing my dog, and cursing out my broken down pick-up, all with an American flag waving in the […]

Turns out there are a few ways to have a song of the day.  I try to find a new song each day, but Jenny has a song that describes and compliments her day–also rendering it a song of the day! by: Jenny Bolam I would like to think that I have semi-sophisticated taste in […]

I’m suuuch a sell-out.  Arcade Fire wins a Grammy and thennn I do a post about them.  Hipsters are cursing my name as they kick a rock down a poorly paved street with their worn-down Converse sneakers.  Okay.  Over it.  Can we all agree on that? This song did not come to me as an […]

Listening to DJs Eric and Kathy during my frantic race (if I could highlight “frantic race” and make it size 100 font, I would) to the train station this morning, I learned a bit about Matt Nathanson.  Eric informed listeners that Nathanson has to be at least “6 foot billion” and both he and Kathy […]

Maybe I loved this performance because I have an old school obsession with Stevie Wonder.  Maybe I clung to it because he delivered a solid performance on American Idol.  Or maybe…the sped up version is catchy.  Do I prefer the original version?  Of course I do, but Langone found a way to make the song […]


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