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I haven’t been 100% honest with you, and I need to come clean.  No, it isn’t you.  It’s me.  You’ve done nothing wrong.  I’ve been…selfish.  Stop, don’t say that I haven’t.  Just let me get this off my chest, okay?  In starting this blog, my initial goal was to educate anyone who came across it […]

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While I’m not a die hard Ray LaMontagne fan, I’ve yet to hear a song of his that I don’t like.  Dancing to Trouble last night during my jazz class only proved that theory even more, and  might have upped my “fan-dom” a bit.  As I’ve mentioned before, a solid, emotional vocal weakens my knees.  […]

The only good thing to come out of Haley Reinhart’s painful rendition of the late Michael Jackson’s Earth Song on American Idol was that it inspired me to listen to Michael Jackson at work.  This isn’t entirely outrageous behavior for me as my sister and I are borderline obsessed with the King of Pop, but it […]

New song obsession alert.  Christina Perri, I don’t know what you went through, or if you’ve even experienced anything that warrants this type of raw, emotional response…but if you have, thank you for sharing it with everyone in the form of a song.  If not, you deserve not only an award for the musicality of […]

Another new release discovered via Twitter.  Look at me, broadening my musical horizons with the use of social media. #crazy Has Do it in the AM officially become my new favorite song and/or anthem?  Am I furiously searching the internet for posters of Frankmusik and Far East Movement to plaster all  over my walls? No, but […]

Okay, it had to happen.  The video for Judas premiered today so I had to post it.  What kind of little monster would I be if I overlooked it?!  Worry not; my claws are up.  Despite my Gaga fan-dom, the video for Judas stumps me a bit. Opening up with a motorcycle gang reminiscent of […]

Flipping through People last night, I came across a list of recent album releases.  My eyes were drawn to The Pretty Reckless because of the Gossip Girl reference.  Do I watch that show?  No.  Am I ok with that?  More than you’ll ever know.  I wrote myself a quick note, telling myself to check it […]


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