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Let’s see what fun. has lined up for me, shall we? (Before anyone asks…yes, they spell it “fun.” Lowercase with a period.) Harmonies? Check. Strong guitar? Check. An ability to hit the high notes? Check again. And then, “All the Pretty Girls” was named song of the day. I was sold from the acapella intro. […]

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After a week of working and the onset of winter weather, picking a Friday appropriate song for today’s song of the day was beyond necessary.  However, seeing as I hate all things techno (peace, love and instruments forever), finding a relevant song of the day that most people would deem “Friday worthy” was a bigger […]

Today’s song of the day was a pretty quick find.  Since my life on Tuesdays at 7pm is dedicated to Glee, finding this song took absolutely no effort at all.  I’d go so far as to say it fell into my lap.  I didn’t have to dig, prod, click around or even touch my headphones. […]

As much as we might like to base our view of love off of the countless chick flicks that we’ve all seen, finding love isn’t always as simple (or perfect) as Hollywood leads us to believe.  Finding someone may not happen during the height of your happiness, while wearing your best outfit, surrounded by your […]

I’ve had the title of this song written on a post-it stuck to my desk for about a month now.  Without fail, it seemed to get covered up by pieces of paper, magazines, more post-its and whatever else weasels its way onto the gray green surface of my desk.  Today, it was uncovered again and […]


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