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Today, I’ve decided to feature a song I don’t know how I found, by an artist whose name I apparently don’t know how to spell. It’s official. I’m losing my mind. It’s the real thing and I just have to accept it. Why do I say this, you ask? (And if you don’t…ouch.) Naturally, any […]

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Sometimes, when I am first introduced to an artist, I know immediately that a long term love affair is about to ensue. No matter how much I may want to fight it, I know darn well that within the next 24 hours, I will be buying his or her music, probably in CD form. Love […]

Hearing that Etta James lost her battle with leukemia today left me with absolutely no choice but to feature one of her best as today’s song of the day.  Quite frankly, it’s not like I would have been capable of finding something with such a lasting quality, anyway. For some reason, I remember the exact […]

Well, if today isn’t a legitimate example of stumbling upon a song, I don’t know what is.  I’ll be honest.  I was planning on being lazy about finding today’s song of the day. I signed in to Spotify and hoped that the power of randomly clicking things under “What’s New” would lead me to a […]

Today’s song is brought to you by a “twin” friend of mine. People have confused us for twins on a few occasions so perhaps that’s why she took the time to suggest it to me. She liked it and thought it was lovely and probably thought I would, too. What do you know? I, too, […]

Seeing that it’s a brand new year, and I’ve had the same layout since 2009 (call me a creature of habit), I decided that it was time to be a bit more colorful.  Please enjoy this random hodgepodge of my dad’s records, 2 shoes and a bracelet of mine. Yes, we still have a copy […]

Well, it’s official. The first snow of the season has fallen and my wanderlust begins. Lust for where? Oh, you know. Anywhere that stays above freezing during the winter months. Anywhere I can take a stroll outside without a serious fear of my face freezing off. Or fingers. Or toes. Anywhere I can send a […]

Let’s take a stroll down the musical resume of Monte Pittman. -Age 24: Move to pursue a career in music.  Worked at a Guitar Center and realized he should be teaching the instrument rather than selling it. -Started teaching, and had Guy Ritchie (yes, the British director) as a student, since his famed beloved, […]

Every once in awhile, I stumble across a group that makes me giddy. A smile creeps across my face and I am filled with the same amount of happiness as a child who is given free reign of a candy store. I can’t sit still, I’m smiling more than Buddy the Elf, I want to […]

One positive side to being incapable of going to bed before midnight is that I get to embrace late night talk shows in all their glory. I’ve seen Betty White beat Jimmy Fallon in beer pong, a comeback by Hanson and last night, I was introduced to Chris Cornell by the one and only Jay […]


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