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Today, I’ve decided to feature a song I don’t know how I found, by an artist whose name I apparently don’t know how to spell. It’s official. I’m losing my mind. It’s the real thing and I just have to accept it. Why do I say this, you ask? (And if you don’t…ouch.) Naturally, any […]

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Sometimes, when I am first introduced to an artist, I know immediately that a long term love affair is about to ensue. No matter how much I may want to fight it, I know darn well that within the next 24 hours, I will be buying his or her music, probably in CD form. Love […]

Hearing that Etta James lost her battle with leukemia today left me with absolutely no choice but to feature one of her best as today’s song of the day. ย Quite frankly, it’s not like I would have been capable of finding something with such a lasting quality, anyway. For some reason, I remember the exact […]

Well, if today isn’t a legitimate example of stumbling upon a song, I don’t know what is. ย I’ll be honest. ย I was planning on being lazy about finding today’s song of the day. I signed in to Spotify and hoped that the power of randomly clicking things under “What’s New” would lead me to a […]

Today’s song is brought to you by a “twin” friend of mine. People have confused us for twins on a few occasions so perhaps that’s why she took the time to suggest it to me. She liked it and thought it was lovely and probably thought I would, too. What do you know? I, too, […]

Seeing that it’s a brand new year, and I’ve had the same layout since 2009 (call me a creature of habit), I decided that it was time to be a bit more colorful. ย Please enjoy this random hodgepodge of my dad’s records, 2 shoes and a bracelet of mine. Yes, we still have a copy […]

Well, it’s official. The first snow of the season has fallen and my wanderlust begins. Lust for where? Oh, you know. Anywhere that stays above freezing during the winter months. Anywhere I can take a stroll outside without a serious fear of my face freezing off. Or fingers. Or toes. Anywhere I can send a […]


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