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Let’s take a stroll down the musical resume of Monte Pittman. -Age 24: Move to pursue a career in music.  Worked at a Guitar Center and realized he should be teaching the instrument rather than selling it. -Started teaching, and had Guy Ritchie (yes, the British director) as a student, since his famed beloved, […]

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Every once in awhile, I stumble across a group that makes me giddy. A smile creeps across my face and I am filled with the same amount of happiness as a child who is given free reign of a candy store. I can’t sit still, I’m smiling more than Buddy the Elf, I want to […]

One positive side to being incapable of going to bed before midnight is that I get to embrace late night talk shows in all their glory. I’ve seen Betty White beat Jimmy Fallon in beer pong, a comeback by Hanson and last night, I was introduced to Chris Cornell by the one and only Jay […]

Warning: this song is not as soft as the usual mid-afternoon song of the day.  It’s also not as, shall we say, chipper.  I found this song mid-December, saved it, and told myself it would be perfect for a song of the day.  Though a soft melody and meaningful lyrics are enough to make my […]

Great news, music fans.  A new Jason Mraz song is out!  Seeing as his last album dropped in 2008, I think it’s safe to say we deserve this. But, did he deliver? In the beginning of I Won’t Give Up, Mraz toys with his middle and lower ranges, something not too many fans can be used […]


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