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Song of the day: Jay Cutler, I’m Giving Up on You – by Firago & Friends

Alright, you caught me. I’m not an avid football fan and I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials (and go to parties for the snacks). But, it’s no surprise that Chicago experiences its ups and downs with the Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler. And so – shameless plug – I was asked to contribute a … Continue reading

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Music / Song of the Day

Song of the Day: “Mercury” – Moon Taxi

Hey! Me again.  I’ve stumbled across another song that deserves your attention. Yes, you. Right there. The one procrastinating at your desk right now.  Procrastinate for a few more minutes and allow me to introduce you to “Mercury” by Moon Taxi, an indie-progressive rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. I stumbled across these guys when I … Continue reading