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You’ve all heard the story. A music hungry individual moves to L.A. to satiate his dreams of becoming a successful artist. Between struggles to hold a day job, find the perfect sound and book enough gigs to make a name for himself, he becomes mentally and physically exhausted. And that’s the end of it. However, […]

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Okay, it had to happen.  The video for Judas premiered today so I had to post it.  What kind of little monster would I be if I overlooked it?!  Worry not; my claws are up.  Despite my Gaga fan-dom, the video for Judas stumps me a bit. Opening up with a motorcycle gang reminiscent of […]

2010: The year of the teen idols.  Will 2011 be any different?  With Justin Bieber’s movie coming out in February, and Miley undoubtedly getting into some sort of “newsworthy” trouble sometime soon, it doesn’t seem like the 13-19 age group is done making its mark in the music industry. Lily Halpern, an 18-year-old Boston native, […]

There are very few CDs that I can listen to over and over again.  “Chances, Stances & Romances” has found a way to join this extremely exclusive, members-only club.  Andrew Hoover’s fusion of acoustic soul, R&B, Latino flair and blues creates a musical taste-treat that is sure to entertain all ears for hours on end. […]

Hello, all! A friend of mine has an amazing display of artwork set up at the Downers Grove Public Library.  It will be up for the entire month of June, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Joe’s description of the display: Come view an exhibition of recent work hanging in the […]

It’s no shock that as each decade passes, a new musical genre takes over and dominates the music scene. Genres change, and so do audiences. One has to wonder what would happen if a group was bold enough to bring a past genre back. Is that taboo? Defintely not. Super 400 has the bravery and […]

Wahhh! I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a CD that hasn’t even been released yet! Don’t worry, though. So Glad I’m Me comes out this Tuesday, May 19th, so you don’t have to wait too long. (A bit of info in case you aren’t as idol-crazed as I am: Lakisha Jones […]


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