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Today is Friday, which, in case you didn’t know, is code word for amazing.  The weekend is hours away and a lot of us are dancing in our seats, excited to take a brief break from work or school.  Naturally, I had hopes of finding a song that mirrored my optimistic and overly excited attitude.  […]

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by: Tyler Deardorff Wow, I was not expecting this. When my friend Anne asked me to go see this movie (we usually see the “hype” movies) I was expecting a lame ballet movie. Holy shadooby was I wrong. This movie is intense, disturbing, suspenseful and a it messes with your mind. Natalie Portman is practically […]

Oops, she did it again.  Britney Spears’ new single leaked today…and I wish it hadn’t.  The electro/club/dance sound only contributes to her overly computerized voice, and makes it all sound a bit robotic.  It isn’t all that surprising seeing as she seemed to take advantage of technology when she was ridiculously popular, but the girl […]

Tony Lucca, an artist who has been singing since the age of 3, playing in Detroit-area bands since age 12 and a past member of the Mickey Mouse Club, has done it again.  His July release, “Rendezvous With the Angels,” does not have a single flaw and serves as an instant mood lifter and distraction […]

By: Tyler Deardorff   Another Halloween, another SAW movie.  It’s a tradition now.  Ok, I’m going to be honest and get this out of the way: for some weird reason, I like the SAW movies.  Yes, the acting may suck and it may be pretty disgusting but under all of that are pretty good morals. […]

By: Tyler Deardorff 5. The Walking Dead (AMC) Ok, I’m cheating on this one since it just premiered but you can’t get more original than having a show about zombies. It looks like they had actual fear and emotion in this show. Can’t wait to watch it. A guy wakes up in a hospital and […]

By: Tyler Deardorff Alright, I’m not just saying this because I’m a die hard Iowa fan.  I’m saying it because it is true. Iowa football has done a 360 in 3 years and turned out to be a great, diverse team.  Granted, Iowa has never been a horrible team.  Well…let’s just say they weren’t after […]

by: Tyler Deardorff I love this time of year. After Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is the best holiday ever.  I mean you can’t beat Christmas…it’s a mixture of Christmas and Thanksgiving.  You get a great meal and get presents.  Thanksgiving, I love the feeling you have when you’re stuffed and really tired from the turkey […]

  By: Tyler Deardorff Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren all in one movie where they’re all total badasses?!  Oh, I’m so there.  RED tells the story of a group of retired CIA agents who know too much about the company and are then chased.  That’s all you need to know.  Ok, […]

By: Tyler Deardorff Ok, let’s all be honest here.  We miss Friends.  We miss Joey saying “How you doin’?”  We miss Ross making funny faces and high pitch noises and Rachel making her new hairstyles an annual event.  We want that reunion so bad, yet it hasn’t happened.  The creators have to know that it […]


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