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Today’s song of the day was a pretty quick find.  Since my life on Tuesdays at 7pm is dedicated to Glee, finding this song took absolutely no effort at all.  I’d go so far as to say it fell into my lap.  I didn’t have to dig, prod, click around or even touch my headphones. […]

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I have a weakness.  Songs that combine different genres (such as rap with an Adele sample) are a bit addicting to me.  Last summer, I got excited any time B.O.B’s Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams came on the radio, long after a whiny chorus of “overplayed” could be heard each time the song began.  It was my […]

Edit: Looks like we all got too excited.  Nicole Scherzinger just bumped Adele from the number one spot by selling 98,000 copies of her new album.  Worry not, though. “Adele’s 21 has achieved in just two months what took Lady Gaga’s The Fame over two years. This really is a coming of age for digital […]

British singer-songwriter, Adele, released her second album, 21, today and instantly won me over. I wrestled with myself in terms of turning this into an album review rather than song of the day for longer than I’d like to admit…but settled with sticking to my goal of posting a new song each day. (Don’t be […]


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