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The final 3…


Allison Iraheta’s American Idol journey ended tonight.  Congrats to her on a great season.  She’s sure to snag a record deal in no time. About these ads

About these ads

Summer is coming and the American Idol season is coming to a close.  Tonight, the final four will compete for a spot in the final three.  The contestants haven’t gotten to do a runthrough because of a technical difficulty with one of the large, stage structures.  They will be performing in duets.  Oh dear God, […]

Hello, all! To those of you that are avid American Idol watchers, LaKisha Jones (4th on Season 6) is releasing an album on May 19th.  “So Glad I’m Me” is sure to satisfy your craving for soul music.  Below is the information one of her record company representatives sent me regarding the CD.  Stay tuned […]

I feel like this season just started, and in an hour, there will only be 8 contestants left.  Craziness.  My preditions for bottom 3?  Megan, Matt and Anoop.  I have a feeling that the judges will have to save someone for the first time.  I fear that Anoop is going home and the judges will […]

Please don’t call, talk to me or stand too close.  My arms may fly, I may gasp and mean comments are bound to fly out of my mouth.   The time has come for me to shut out the rest of the world and watch American Idol.  My computer is on my lap, and I’m ready […]


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