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Since my last review, I’ve come to accept that being old enough to choose to write a book review on my own isn’t a terrible, horrible thing.  It’s actually kind of fun since I can write in any font and size I deem worthy.  But not Comic Sans. Never Comic Sans. (As an aside, when […]

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Here’s a harsh realization.  I’m at an age where I’m choosing to write about a book in my spare time, rather than for a homework assignment. [Quickly recites a poem memorized in high school to prove I’m not decrepit and I’ve still got it.  In case you’re wondering, I’ve still got it.  And in case you’re […]

Justin Bieber has just entered yet another artistic medium and can confidently call himself a quadruple threat  (quintuple if you count his ability to make teenage girls scream). Artistic Threat Re-Cap: 1.) Sings (duh…) 2.) Dances (he’s getting better.) 3.) Acts (he appeared on CSI’s season premier this season) 4.) Apparently he writes now, too. […]


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