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A couple weeks ago, I introduced a new feature for HauteThought: Style Inspiration of the Month. To jump start the feature and welcome spring, I started with Kate Spade, a designer who isn’t afraid to use color to create classically timeless pieces. I also made it clear that I am not the type of person […]

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Police report: Fashion crimes have taken a severe turn for the worse.  Individuals are wearing leggings with crop tops.  Red and hot pink closet vomit has been spotted on individuals roaming the streets of Chicago.  What’s ok to do and what isn’t?  With as crazy as some of the items labeled as “couture” in our […]

Finally, another fashion article.  Just like the last one, Kate has been generous enough to give us a bit of fashion wisdom.  The topic?  High-waisted skirts. So, high-waisted skirts…what is there to say about high-waisted skirts… For starters, a high-waisted skirt is a very tricky piece of clothing to wear.  If it doesn’t sit correctly […]


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