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It’s official.  So You Think You Can Dance season has officially started again, and my search for new music will take off running.  I’m a huge proponent of multitasking, and I love what this show does for me – I am able to engage with dance from my couch all while being exposed to a […]

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New song obsession alert.  Christina Perri, I don’t know what you went through, or if you’ve even experienced anything that warrants this type of raw, emotional response…but if you have, thank you for sharing it with everyone in the form of a song.  If not, you deserve not only an award for the musicality of […]

Oops, she did it again.  Britney Spears’ new single leaked today…and I wish it hadn’t.  The electro/club/dance sound only contributes to her overly computerized voice, and makes it all sound a bit robotic.  It isn’t all that surprising seeing as she seemed to take advantage of technology when she was ridiculously popular, but the girl […]

Today, the world says goodbye to an international superstar.  Michael Jackson, a natural-born performer, stunned audiences everywhere with his songwriting abilities, versatile voice and impeccable dance moves. I found out about Michael Jackson in a text message while I was in the middle of the city of Chicago.  Since this was such a shock, I […]


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