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Today is Friday and as usual, I spent my morning on the prowl for a “Friday” song.  No, Rebecca Black’s hot mess of a YouTube video will not be gracing your ears via Haute Thought today; though if you want to have “fun fun fun fun,” you go right on ahead and add that song […]

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Edit: Looks like we all got too excited.  Nicole Scherzinger just bumped Adele from the number one spot by selling 98,000 copies of her new album.  Worry not, though. “Adele’s 21 has achieved in just two months what took Lady Gaga’s The Fame over two years. This really is a coming of age for digital […]

A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll might have sounded like an odd mix back in the day but get real, Donny and Marie,…it isn’t that weird. Let’s talk about a new one. How about a little bit Deathcab, a little bit Partridge Family? We’ll let that serve as an adequate […]

With the success of indie bands at The Grammys a couple of weeks ago, it only seems right that a song from an indie group is featured as song of the day.  The Format hails from Arizona and are a mix of alternative, indie and punk.  In true “hipster” fashion, they chose their name to  make […]

Honestly, this record started a year ago when I decided to stop playing music for awhile because being in a band was ruining my life. -Andy Herod “Ain’t too Bright” by the Electric Owls serves up something entirely different than most records today.  Rather than having a super new sound or one that was embraced […]


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