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Turns out there are a few ways to have a song of the day.  I try to find a new song each day, but Jenny has a song that describes and compliments her day–also rendering it a song of the day! by: Jenny Bolam I would like to think that I have semi-sophisticated taste in […]

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Alright, I’m starting something new.  Because my iPod is crying for new music, I’ve decided to take on a new challenge: to discover a new song every day.  Hopefully Pandora can help in this endeavor, but I also hope all of you can give suggestions!  Consider this to be your challenge, as well.  As I […]

Grammy Foundation (noun): “The GRAMMY Foundation was established in 1989 to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of recorded music to American culture — from the artistic and technical legends of the past to the still unimagined musical breakthroughs of future generations of music professionals.” My guilty pleasure source (Perez Hilton) says […]

Justin Bieber has just entered yet another artistic medium and can confidently call himself a quadruple threat  (quintuple if you count his ability to make teenage girls scream). Artistic Threat Re-Cap: 1.) Sings (duh…) 2.) Dances (he’s getting better.) 3.) Acts (he appeared on CSI’s season premier this season) 4.) Apparently he writes now, too. […]


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