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With my current obsession with all things out of the United Kingdom (thanks, royal wedding), I’m not sure how Jessie J found a way to slip by until today.  The 23-year-old R&B/pop singer has written songs for both Chris Brown and snaggletooth Miley Cyrus, including gaining the title of “co-writer” of Party in the USA.  […]

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Turns out there are a few ways to have a song of the day.  I try to find a new song each day, but Jenny has a song that describes and compliments her day–also rendering it a song of the day! by: Jenny Bolam I would like to think that I have semi-sophisticated taste in […]

Yes, I have decided to stop being lazy and actually get back to my blog.  Now that school is over and going out on weeknights has ceased I don’t have homework, I have absolutely no excuse not to be working on this site.  Unfortunately, the first thing that inspired me to get this going again […]


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