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You’ve all heard the story. A music hungry individual moves to L.A. to satiate his dreams of becoming a successful artist. Between struggles to hold a day job, find the perfect sound and book enough gigs to make a name for himself, he becomes mentally and physically exhausted. And that’s the end of it. However, […]

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Tony Lucca, an artist who has been singing since the age of 3, playing in Detroit-area bands since age 12 and a past member of the Mickey Mouse Club, has done it again.  His July release, “Rendezvous With the Angels,” does not have a single flaw and serves as an instant mood lifter and distraction […]

Some bands have the ability to create feel-good music.  Ingram Hill is no exception.  Perhaps it’s because Hey Girl, a song described by lead singer Justin Moore as “an argument against the constant self-consciousness of almost every woman I know,” is making its way through my headphones as I write this, but I don’t think that’s […]

In April of 2009, I reviewed Ernie Halter’s album, “Starting Over.”  As soon as I popped in “Live” and the groove that Halter seems to create effortlessly filled the room, a smile crept across my face and sitting still once again became a challenge. Recording a live album is no simple task.  It exposes the […]

Some CDs are extremely easy to listen to.  They don’t require too much thought and can be tossed into the CD player regardless of your mood.  Sister Hazel’s latest release, “Release,” happens to be one of those CDs.  I have listened to this while working on the most boring homework assignment, while I was extremely […]

Music [myoo-zik] noun:  An art form created to evoke some form of emotion with the use of instrumentation, voice and the dance between rhythm, melody and harmony. No, I’m not a dictionary, but I believe I have a solid understanding of what music is and what elements have the ability to draw people in.  “Dust,” […]

I am not a scientist, but I do understand one small part of genetics: certain traits are passed on from parent to child.  Simple, right?  Evidently, musical talent stands as one of the traits that can be transmitted from father to son. Does the last name Loggins happen to ring a bell?  Crosby Loggins is […]

Thoughts Out Loud/HauteThought has a new genre for all of you! Musicians I truly admire are few and far between.  Technological advancements such as Auto Tune, Pro Tools and the distortion effect that took the hip hop scene by storm last year have made it possible for people like Britney Spears and Lil’ Wayne to […]

Come Back Home was written in the wake of me losing my longtime drummer and former Army soldier John C. Williams.  But the song started off as a reflection of how a military couple deals with separation.  After the release of Come Back Home, John’s little brother was killed by an IED in Iraq.  His name was Blake […]

It’s no shock that as each decade passes, a new musical genre takes over and dominates the music scene. Genres change, and so do audiences. One has to wonder what would happen if a group was bold enough to bring a past genre back. Is that taboo? Defintely not. Super 400 has the bravery and […]


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