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05_Flatbed_1 - JUNE

Hmm..Adam (G)Lambert or Britney Spears?  The green snake groping the photo’s subject really throws me off.

Adam, we love you, but why is there a snake that close to your zipper?  Better question–Why is there a butterfly pin so close to your zipper?

Otherwise, awesome color scheme.  It’s all tied together with the green of the snake, green “Rolling Stone” and the tid bit of green on his bracelet.


One thought on “Confusion

  1. Rolling Stone was thinking…just in case the world didn’t know he was gay, and they are reading this to find out his sexual preference…why not add a snake about to enter the man’s crotch to make it clear. But, why is that snake so tiny? What are they trying to say? Not only is he gay, he in fact enjoys tiny snakes.

    And lastly, only the truly fabulous can wear butterfly merch. I know cause I have a slight obsession with butterflies. mmmkay. And no, Mariah does not count.
    Why? Glitter.

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