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Featured Artist: Paramore

So, I’ve decided to add a little diddy called “Featured Artist.” I’m not sure how often I will feature an artist, but I plan on doing it on a somewhat regular basis…perhaps weekly. This week, I’ve chosen to feature Paramore. Paramore, a rock band with a female lead singer (crazy, I know), has been around … Continue reading


If You Seek Amy

I am going to propose a challenge.  I challenge you to turn on a modern music radio station for a couple of hours that doesn’t play the new Britney Spears song “If U Seek Amy.”  The song, from Spears’ recent album Circus, is everywhere.   La la la la la la la la… It’s a … Continue reading

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Random Musicosity

Here’s the deal.  I love music.  I’m hoping to someday be a music publicist in Nashville (no, not just for country music–it is a huge music place in general).  The only fear I have with becoming a music publicist is that I will have to help a band that I think is, well, terrible.  I … Continue reading


High Heels: A Painful Obsession

Head to the fashion section of the site to hear about the woes of high-heel wearing toes.  Heels are the only things that can constantly hurt us and stay in our bedrooms.   After a long day of classes or being confined to the office, heading out with a few friends almost always serves as … Continue reading


Hello, all!

I’ve decided to start a blog. Why? Because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with the rest of the world. Plus, as a journalism major, not many of my articles get put onto the online domain. As you can see, I have a few pages listed above. Once I get this thing going, there … Continue reading