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Here’s the deal.  I love music.  I’m hoping to someday be a music publicist in Nashville (no, not just for country music–it is a huge music place in general).  The only fear I have with becoming a music publicist is that I will have to help a band that I think is, well, terrible.  I think that writing press releases about Dave Matthews Band would make me want to claw my eyes out.  Sorry to all of you DMB fans…not for just bashing your whiny leader, I just feel bad for you for liking him.  No big deal.

There is always the thought that I could go the music journalism/criticism route.  But then would I be too nice?  I mean, I have no problem saying that I think someone should put down a guitar and run the other direction or stop trying to squeeze into things when you’re a mom (Britney Spears, Nelli Furtado, MIA, etc.) but what if one of them happens to come across some article I’ve written when I’m in the big world?  Meh, I’m over it.

Now for the fun stuff.  Here are some thoughts out loud on random musicians (hence the title of this post):

Kelly Clarkson: Awesome comeback.  Let’s be real…her second CD was nothing compared to the lighthearted pop-ridden first one.  Although the lyrics aren’t that deep (for example: my life would suck without you), I can’t help but turn it up when I’m in the car.  Hopefully the person next to me missed the dance show a few feet away.

Dave Barnes: Ok, so he’s not as big of a deal as Beyonce, but I did hear his song, “Until You”, on the radio at the grocery store the other day and pretty much flipped out.  He’s amazing, and puts on a great show.  Same goes for Matt Wertz.

Dave Matthews Band: I don’t understand it.  The 2340872347908 hours of saxophone solos and random scat sections  just don’t do it for me.  If you can explain the draw, please let me know.

That’s all for now.  American Idol is about to start, so…Annie out.

CORRECTION: American Idol has been rescheduled for tomorrow, and I can’t watch it.  Greaaat.


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