If You Seek Amy

I am going to propose a challenge.  I challenge you to turn on a modern music radio station for a couple of hours that doesn’t play the new Britney Spears song “If U Seek Amy.”  The song, from Spears’ recent album Circus, is everywhere.  

La la la la la la la la…

It’s a catchy song, but is it really appropriate?  Looking back, having my sister and I belt the Spice Girls song “2 become 1” from the back of our minivan had to make my parents feel at least a little uncomfortable. (Sorry, mom and dad.) However, it’s nothing compared to hearing a 7-year-old girl sing “Love me, hate me, but can’t you see what I see?  All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy.”  

Um…can you say inappropriate?  Oh hey, B-Spears, here is a thought.  How would you like to hear your kid (yes, you’re a mother in case you’ve forgotten) singing the aforementioned lyrics?  Actually, don’t answer that.  You have a new chiseled image to protect.

I always wonder if artists think about things like that.  They have to realize that thousands, if not millions, of adoring fans look up to them.  Why, then, would Britney Spears, an artist who has a fan base of young and old individuals, sing a song with such discretely explicit lyrics?

I like the song.  I think it’s catchy, but I also think it’s trashy.  In fact, I’ve been listening to it the entire time that I’ve been writing this post and it isn’t getting old.  The only thing that rubs me the wrong way is just how horrendous the lyrics are.   

And just because I’m curious, why isn’t it ok to actually say the word she’s spelling discretely, but it’s ok to use a roundabout way to say the same thing?  If someone like Lil’ Wayne was to come out and say f*ck, he would have to make a censored version that radio stations accept, but if B-Spears says “if you seek amy,” it gets more air time than American Airlines?  I would almost rather hear the word.  It shows gumption.

So many questions that I will never know the answer to.  On that note, I’m going to keep listening to this song and hope I figure out the answers.

Ha ha he he ha ha ho.

Maybe if I change the way it looks the FCC won't care...

Maybe if I change the way it looks the FCC won't care...


One thought on “If You Seek Amy

  1. True dat, yo. B-Spears needs to reassess the fan base she is truly trying to reach, and then write (or have written for her) music that is appropriate for that particular age group. Even though she has long expunged her previous stint as a role-model for young girls, she needs to realize that her music still catches rides on brief waves of popularity, and that young people are still listening. You’re already a parent (scary as it may be)… now it’s time to start showing some judgment, class, and a sense of responsibility. Oh that’s right… now it’s time to be an ADULT.

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