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Featured Artist: Paramore


So, I’ve decided to add a little diddy called “Featured Artist.” I’m not sure how often I will feature an artist, but I plan on doing it on a somewhat regular basis…perhaps weekly.

This week, I’ve chosen to feature Paramore. Paramore, a rock band with a female lead singer (crazy, I know), has been around since 2004. Where have I been? I heard their song Misery Business a few months ago but didn’t think much of it. I mean, I really liked it, but I couldn’t remember enough of the words to do a Google search to find the title or the artist. My laziness took over, and I gave up.

How stupid of me.

On the 2 hour drive back to school, I heard the song again. Thank God. I couldn’t stop bopping my head to the beat and screaming out the words with one of my girl friends as we sped along the highway. As it turns out, I remembered more than I thought. Clearly, Paramore had an effect on me, and I liked it.

After unpacking the thousand unnecessary items I brought home for the much anticipated spring break, I did what I could to get Paramore’s 2007 CD,”Riot.” The verdict? I’m completely obsessed. It makes me want to go have fun and chuck my To-Do list out the window. I don’t just mean any kind of fun, either. Think of a topless fire engine red convertible flying down a highway full of your best friends with “Riot” playing the entire way. I mean that kind of fun. Spontaneous fun. A kind of fun that doesn’t come around every weekend. Something different.

That says something. I tend to criticize music much, much more than I compliment it. It takes a special charm to make me want to listen to a CD on repeat. Paramore has that charm. Plus, who doesn’t love a redheaded gal as the lead singer?

I encourage you to go out and buy “Riot” if you don’t have it already. After doing so, search for a convertible. You might need it.

Who will be next week’s featured artist?

Up Next: Tony Lucca


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