Kyle Andrews “Real Blasty”

Kyle Andrews Album Cover

Shame on the teachers that told you never to judge a book by its cover.  In the case of Kyle Andrews’ “Real Blasty,” please do.  The colorful cover art as well as the bright greens, pinks and yellows that plaster themselves to the actual disc don’t lie.  Andrews’ music is about as far from dull as, well, the cover’s artwork.

I would like to call myself a music activist.  I listen to it, write about it and sing it.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about music or actively participate in it.  How, then, is it that I have never heard something like Kyle Andrews before?  Sure, there are parts of “Real Blasty” that sound like Death Cab for Cutie during their OC days.  Polar Bear, the third track on the CD, has a scary resemblance to Death Cab’s California sound, but it is certainly not a carbon copy of the Washington band.

Kyle Andrews adds a bit of zest that most musicians choose to leave out.  His music is playful.  The first track on the CD stands testament to that description.  Full of video game-like sound effects and chirping birds, it is impossible not to smile while listening to it.  It’s title, Sushi, only adds to the song’s lively nature.

The fact that Andrews’ music knows how to have fun does not hinder his ability to deliver a slower, more alternative feeling song in the least bit.  Call and Fade shows a completely different side to his music and voice.  He delivers the song in a raspier tone.  (Think: a more emotional Tyler Hilton)  This song is my favorite on “Real Blasty” and certainly a standout on the album.  Andrews’ emotional delivery coupled with the distortion of the strings makes for one killer sound.

Trying to come up with one word to describe Kyle Andrews’ sound has proven itself to be quite the challenge.  Spunky, hip, alternative.  OC-esque, intricate, amusing.  Once my brain was flooded with adjectives, I decided to go with something all encompassing.



Call and Fade

Click here to learn more about Kyle Andrews’ music.


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