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Idol Judge Resigns

Paula Abdul

It’s official.  Paula Abdul will not be returning for the next season of American Idol.  Apparently, she and the producers could not come to a financial agreement about her return.  Interesting…rumor has it that Simon “No Shame” Cowell got a raise for the upcoming season.

This is not a happy day!  First, Britney Spears is nominated for far too many VMAs, and now American Idol will not have a single emotionally driven woman on the judges panel.  What’s an idol fan to do?

Although Paula’s comments were often regarded as fluff, she certainly brought a quality to the show that will not be replicated by Kara Dioguardi in any way, shape or form.  Her playful nature with Simon always resulted in laughter from the audience and witty comments from Ryan Seacrest.  Now the studio will be filled with “I don’t know mans” and “that was horrid.”  Let us not forget the borderline inappropriate comments Kara Dioguardi threw out to Adam Lambert a particular male contestant.

Let’s face it.  Here and there, America needed to be reminded that the contestants looked beautiful.  We could always count on Paula for that.  Well, that and her sideways clap.  You will be missed, Paula!  Fluff, crazy glam jewelry, indecipherable comments and all.

Abdul, out.


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