“Jackass 3D” Review

by Tyler Deardorff

I have now seen a movie where I was legitimately sad that it ended.  Let’s say it’s the equivalent of leaving Disney World. After seeing Jackass Number Two (clever title) I didn’t think they could set the bar any higher with the stuff they did.  Ohhh, I was wrong.  Not only does the Jackass team include their classic nut shots but they have dild- female enjoyment helpers- flying at you…literally.  This time around, Johnny, Bam, Chris and everyone else are hitting their late 30s/early 40s, but you would never guess that.   Johnny gets his manhood rammed by a bull and gets right back up like he got hit by a balloon.  But hey, these guys are doing their job.  You won’t stop laughing.  And when you leave, “High Five” just won’t be the same…

Now the big question: Do you need to see it in 3D? Yes and No.  While they don’t use this chance to its full potential, there are still some funny moments used by 3D.  As a huge Jackass supporter, I didn’t think twice about seeing it in 3D. You could easily go without it, though, and save yourself that extra charge.  So, unless you want to pay extra for glasses you’ll think you’ll look cool taking out and wearing for a nerd costume when you can get them for a dollar…go without them.

Of course, there are the celebrity cameos.  Minnesota Vikings’ Jared Allen,  American Pie’s Seann William Scott (Stifler), BMX legend Mat Hoffman and Bam’s parents are among the famous faces you don’t usually see in Jackass productions that make an appearance in 3D.  Everything in this movie is epic.  Remember in the first movie where Bam tried to freak April out with an alligator?  Put a gorilla in there and you got Jackass 3D.  Remember when Johnny was an old man giving his grandson alcohol?  Put making out with “his granddaughter” in place and you got Jackass 3D.  Remember when Bam was put in the same room as a cobra?  Put a boa constrictor and 19 more snakes in place and you got Jackass 3D.  I won’t even go into detail about “Poo Cocktail Supreme” but it’s the best part by far.  The slow motion doesn’t hurt either.  You already know you’re going to go see it so I won’t even bother telling you. Meanwhile, I’m going to go see it again.


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