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Sneak Peek – Artist to Watch in 2011: Lily Halpern

2010: The year of the teen idols.  Will 2011 be any different?  With Justin Bieber’s movie coming out in February, and Miley undoubtedly getting into some sort of “newsworthy” trouble sometime soon, it doesn’t seem like the 13-19 age group is done making its mark in the music industry.

Lily Halpern, an 18-year-old Boston native, is working hard to ensure that her voice is also heard in the teenage era.  The pop/R&B artist worked on her recently released EP, Not Gonna Cry, with producer Alex Cantrell, who is best known for his work with JoJo and Nicole Scherzinger.  Halpern’s voice certainly clings to characteristics similar to that of JoJo, but also boasts the ease of Jordin Sparks.

Not Gonna Cry is currently available on iTunes.  Halpern is spending time in the studio with Grammy nominated writer K. Briscoe (Britney Spears, Timbaland, Jay-Z), working towards a full length album that is expected to drop during the summer of this year.

“My music is for the everyday girl, because I am a normal, everyday girl,” she says. “I go through the same growing pains and triumphs that any young girl does; I’m just lucky enough to be able to express it through my music.”

Click here to learn more about Lily Halpern.


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