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Black Swan Review

by: Tyler Deardorff

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Wow, I was not expecting this. When my friend Anne asked me to go see this movie (we usually see the “hype” movies) I was expecting a lame ballet movie. Holy shadooby was I wrong. This movie is intense, disturbing, suspenseful and a it messes with your mind. Natalie Portman is practically holding her Oscar as a dancer who gets cast in the latest edition of Swan Lake. Her character is virginal, innocent and naïve. The perfect fit for the “White Swan.” However, she needs to be able to turn into the complete opposite for the “Black Swan.” The director, played by Vincent Cassel, is a disgusting guy who touches Natalie Portman in places she don’t wanna be touched. His excuse = “you need to be able to take it to turn into the black swan.” Priceless.

As the final dance gets closer, Natalie Portman’s perfectionist character starts to lose her mind and can’t tell reality from fantasy. I’ll leave the rest of the facts out of her mind but I’ll just say this…you’ll never want to touch another hangnail ever again. I have never seen a more dedicated, thrilling performance than Portman’s. She learned all her ballet before the movie. The final dance number will stay in your mind after you leave the theater. This is not a ballet movie. This is a gut punch in the form of a movie filled with great performances and thrilling visuals.  I HIGHLY recommend it.


One thought on “Black Swan Review

  1. This marks Aronofskys first film since the critically hailed which won the Golden Lion at the 2008 Venice festival and garnered a Best Actor Oscar nomination…

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