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Song of the day: “Everything They Know About Us” – Salteens

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A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll might have sounded like an odd mix back in the day but get real, Donny and Marie,…it isn’t that weird. Let’s talk about a new one. How about a little bit Deathcab, a little bit Partridge Family? We’ll let that serve as an adequate introduction to the song of the day. I found “Everything They Know About Us” by Salteens via Twitter, and not through a very direct route, either. A social media nut that I follow tweeted about the new analytics programs available from HootSuite. Rather than reading the about section, I took the lazy route and watched the introductory video. It was backed by this song and served as an instant mood lifter. I love finding songs in an unexpected way, and the past 2 days have been perfect in that respect. Today’s group is an indie group from Canada and this song was released as a bonus track on their 2000 debut album. Such a random find.

Click here to listen. (It isn’t even on YouTube…hidden gem.)


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