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Song of the day: “Fix You” – Javier Colon

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I have a problem, and I’m ready to admit it.  When I don’t completely “get” a musicians fame, I make it clear. (Sorry to all members of the Dave Matthews cult…no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you explain the experience, no matter how many sax solos you try to talk about,  I. don’t. get it.) I certainly wouldn’t put Coldplay on the same level, because I actually enjoy some of their songs, but I’m just not a fan of Grammy winning musical thieves.  After the Viva La Vida accusation, I had to write off Coldplay.

But then, NBC’s The Voice came along.  For those of you who know me, or have read enough of my posts, you know that American Idol is what coaxes me out of the comfort of my bed each morning.  With my love for all things similar, I thought The Voice would become my new off season thing.  Sorry, but it has been determined that I can only dedicate multiple hours a week to one singing competition show, and one singing competition show only.  This doesn’t mean I didn’t notice Javier Colon.

Colon’s voice rang out above the rest in all of the previews, and it is simple to see why he won.  His effortless tone gives me goosebumps each time he starts to sing.  This song is no different.  Completely effortless and pitch perfect? Ummm, why wasn’t this my song of the day earlier?

Colon’s cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” results in one thing: chills.

Thanks for the song, Tyler!


2 thoughts on “Song of the day: “Fix You” – Javier Colon

  1. Javier Colon is the arguably one of the best musicians to come out of CT. He has completely captivated me in every sense of the word. I was blown away at the voice concert last week because every note out of his mouth was flawless!!!

    My only question is that why did it take this show to shoot him into stardom? I have listened and at watched some of his previous work and that was incredible also. Maybe they were trying to change his style to be more commercial like they do to so many artists.

    I am glad he stuck to his sound and I love him and everything he sings. Can’t wait for his CD to drop in November.

    Javier’s # 1 Fan,
    Melissa Cox

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