Song of the day: “Overload” – Devin Williams

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Warning: this song is not as soft as the usual mid-afternoon song of the day.  It’s also not as, shall we say, chipper.  I found this song mid-December, saved it, and told myself it would be perfect for a song of the day.  Though a soft melody and meaningful lyrics are enough to make my heart swell and overflow into a song of the day post, I can’t deny that an interesting and heavy guitar line evokes an emotion with just as much magnitude, even though the subject matter may be slightly depressing.

See: “You liar. You thief. You took my life away.”

As I said, the lyrics aren’t the most uplifting, but I can’t always explain what my ear chooses.  While this wouldn’t be my go to song while sipping wine and discussing Will and Kate, there are certainly times where Overload would be more than appropriate.  Looking for a new workout song? Overload.  End a relationship with someone you can’t stand anymore? Overload. Listen to a crabby customer complain for 20 minutes, only to have them tell you that they’d like to bury you under 23 inches of snow? Overload. Not that the latter has happened to me.  I mean, not that the latter happened to me yesterday.

I digress.

Back to the topic.  Overload.  It’s a good song, but keep in mind that you have been warned about the lack of rainbows and butterflies.


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