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Song of the day: “Summer is Over” – Jon McLaughlin ft. Sara Bareilles

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Well, it’s official. The first snow of the season has fallen and my wanderlust begins. Lust for where? Oh, you know. Anywhere that stays above freezing during the winter months. Anywhere I can take a stroll outside without a serious fear of my face freezing off. Or fingers. Or toes. Anywhere I can send a text or like a Facebook status during said stroll because my appendages have the body heat of a living human. Is that so much to ask?

Cue Debbie Downer: wah wah.

Now that I’ve successfully chilled all of your moods, let’s discuss today’s song of the day. As I mentioned, Chicago received its first snow fall of the season yesterday. Coincidentally, Jon McLaughlin and Sara Bareilles released “Summer is Over” on the very same day. Now, if I didn’t have such a profound respect and love for each of these artists, I might be so inclined to be angry with them for pouring salt in my ever growing wound. Instead, I chose to take the high road and feature it as song of the day. It’s therapeutic, really. It’s almost like I’m saying, “Annie. Get over it. Summer really is over. Move on.” Go ahead and listen. I’ll be over here…crying hoping you like it.

Truthfully though, there’s no way I would’ve been able to let this song slip by without a feature. With 2 amazingly talented musicians involved, it would be a selfish disservice to deprive you of this song, regardless of my feelings about the weather.


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