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Song of the day: “Us” – Regina Spektor

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Today’s song is brought to you by a “twin” friend of mine. People have confused us for twins on a few occasions so perhaps that’s why she took the time to suggest it to me. She liked it and thought it was lovely and probably thought I would, too. What do you know? I, too, like it and also find it to be lovely.

The second I started this song, I had a musical memory – an instance where a song begins to play and I’m immediately taken somewhere else. Luckily, this particular memory only dated a few days back, so I didn’t have to sit, dwell and try to put the jumbled pieces together.

Scene: A frigid Sunday afternoon. Me, on the couch, cuddled up in a blanket.
On the TV: an announcement from E! saying that (500) Days of Summer was about to start.
Action: tossing said blanket, flying off the couch, grabbing a glass of water and a snack so I can sit in undisturbed happiness for the next 95 minutes.
Truth of the matter: I fell asleep immediately. Condensation formed on the outside of my untouched glass, and my Lean Pockets got cold. (Please note, this result had nothing at all to do with the movie. It had everything to do with staying up way too late the night before.)

Regardless, this memory came to me because Regina Spektor’s “Us” is featured in the opening scene of (500) Days of Summer. It’s the only thing my sleep heavy eyes saw and my exhausted ears picked up for those 95 minutes of glory. Despite their groggy state, my senses did notice that this song was, in fact, lovely and should be shared. So here it is.


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