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Songs of the day – Plot Your Escape artists – Sara Bareilles and Maroon 5

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As excited as I am for this Plot Your Escape concert, I have a few fears…mainly because there is practically zero information about it online. I could Google for hours and come back with nothing more than a time, location and pile of tweets from people asking how to get tickets.

However, I did meander over to Union Station’s Great Hall on my way to work today and was greeted by this convincing set up.


Ok, I’ll bite.  You’ve made a full on believer out of me. Do not, I repeat, do not take advantage of that, Plot Your Escape gods.

To celebrate and prepare for the concert, I’ve been listening to Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles all day, and probably will until the second I shut down my computer. No, I’m not a bandwagon fan for these two. I’ve seen both of them in concert, have most of their albums and will be pretty surprised if I hear a song tonight that I don’t at least recognize. This does present a challenge for today, though. I’m not good with decisions. By that I mean I absolutely hate them. I stress about having to make them, stress moments after I make them and stress anytime I think about a decision I had to make. That may be slightly dramatic, but to those who know me…you know I only mean very ,slightly dramatic. I’m not here to bog you down, so I’ve challenged myself to pick one song to feature by each performer (even though I secretly just want to link you to every song they’ve ever been a part of…secret’s out).

Ladies first. I saw Sara Bareilles a couple years ago when she came to perform at U of I. Her performance was flawless. She didn’t miss a single note, exercised vocal freedom on a couple songs to keep things interesting and had the crowd laughing at her wit the entire time. Time for a fun fact: Tony Lucca was her opening act. Tony Lucca is now a contestant on NBC’s The Voice and Adam Levine (lead for Maroon 5) is his mentor on the show. Rock Ridge Music, Lucca’s record company, found my blog because I reviewed him…and thus, my album reviews started to pick up. Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that by the end of tonight, Sara, Adam and I will be best friends.

“Gravity,” her song for today, was pretty easy to choose because it is one of the few songs I can listen to on repeat for days and immediately hit play again. I’m not kidding. I’ve done it. She wrote the emotionally charged song herself and performed it with her college a cappella group, Awaken.

Maroon 5 was a bit more difficult for me. I love finding music people haven’t heard before and blasting it out on HauteThought. That’s kind of tough when I’m dealing with a group I started listening to in high school and has as much popularity as Maroon 5. To give an accurate description of their funky, sensual style, I had to go with “Makes Me Wonder.” Yes, I’m aware that everyone reading this probably knows the song. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Another fun fact: hosts are rumored to be Bill and Giuliana Rancic. The celebrity news junkie in me is hyperventilating.


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