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Song of the day: “The Shakedown” – Yellow Ostrich

Every time a Monday rolls around, it takes every ounce of my being to refrain from posting Monday, Monday by The Mamas and The Papas. Nothing at all against the song. I love the song. I just think I might be the only person on Earth who would find it funny or ironic. Glad I have that off my chest. Maybe I’ll post it on some upcoming Monday…just for fun.

On another note, I have a confession. While I’ve always been taught to never judge a book by its cover, I usually do. I can’t help it that I have eyes. If a cover looks intriguing, I’ll pick it up. I may not always leave the bookstore (or Target) with the book with the most elaborate cover, but I definitely grabbed one or two that caught my eye. I can be the same way when it comes to a band. This time, however, I don’t judge or choose to give it a chance simply by the album cover. If a band name stands out among the others, I’ll give it a listen. This doesn’t mean a full run-through of a song, but I will most certainly dedicate a solid 15 seconds of my time.

Yellow Ostrich.

What did I do when I saw the band name Yellow Ostrich? You can bet I grabbed my headphones and had to give it a shot. Truly, who wouldn’t? The group is called Yellow Ostrich. If you aren’t at least slightly intrigued by this name, I urge you to get a pulse.

Turns out, I learned a little something about this Lollapalooza line-up bearing group. The group recorded most of the tracks on their most recent album in a small studio near Woodstock, New York, with Beau Sorenson. You may recognize that name from Sorenson’s work with Death Cab for Cutie and Sparklehorse. Choosing a song from the group’s repertoire was relatively simple for me. The Shakedown had a different sound than the others. While I clearly didn’t get a chance to listen to every song ever made by this colorful large bird of a group, I did notice that many of them began the same way and sounded similar. Aside from this one, of course.

So today I spare you from a cheesy joke and sassy attitude about it being another Monday and instead introduce you to one of Lolla’s Friday performers, Yellow Ostrich.


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