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Song of the day: “Stay” – Sara Bareilles

I truly and honestly believe Sara Bareilles can do no wrong.   What I’m about to tell you is old news.  She’s a great lyricist, plays the piano perfectly, has one of the best voices in the music industry today and, to top it off, a sense of humor.  I realize that I give a positive review about a majority of the songs that gain the coveted “song of the day” title, but it takes a lot for me to 100% respect a song and its artist.  Somehow, I have yet to hear one I dislike or don’t respect from Sara B.  Why? Because when someone with an extreme amount of talent succeeds, it’s hard not to commend them time and again.

My last encounter with Sara Bareilles’ voice was during the Plot Your Escape show at Chicago’s Union Station.  I, of course, was standing there trying to soak in every last sound of hers while surrounded by a group of girls who didn’t know how to shut their mouths.  I didn’t know I was capable of feeling such rage.  I also didn’t realize I’d still feel it two months later.

So, when I saw a great Facebook status about Sara B. yesterday, I realized I had to have a love fest post today.  Thank you, Katie, for posting Stay.  I can honestly say I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day and will be hitting replay the second it ends.  The song is full of emotion, feeling and talent.  It commands my attention and makes me want to sprint to a dance class and encourage someone to choreograph something to Stay immediately.  I know, probably not the reaction most of you have to a song, particularly a slower one like this, but the lyrical dancer in me lives on.

Stay is off of Sara’s upcoming EP, “Once Upon Another Time,” which will be available May 22.  Head to her website for a free download of the song!

Aaaand I’m listening again.


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