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Downton Abbey’s theme song makes me weak at the knees

I’m very proud of my iPod’s ability to switch from Carrie Underwood to Linkin Park to Josh Groban to The Beach Boys to a choir piece to an embarrassingly high amount of Christmas music…all within a 6 song shuffle.  Granted, it doesn’t help me in terms of being able to plug in and serve as a party playlist, but I enjoy that my musical tastes are a bit bipolar.  Just call my iPod Sybil.
That preface was necessary before today’s song of the day.  A classical piece written by John Lunn, The Suite serves as the theme song to PBS’s Downton Abbey.  Yes, I love the show.  Yes, calling me obsessed would be an understatement.  Yes, I get excited each time the opening credits begin.  Why? Because I get to hear this song in all its glory (and I have an hour of Downton Abbey bliss ahead of me).
I’m holding off on a big long explanation of why this song is great, because it just is.  It’s intense and gentle, all at once and truly beautiful.  Take a listen and hear for yourself.  Any song that features strings and piano is clearly a winner in my book.  I’m off to listen to the song for the fifth time in a row now.

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