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#TBT Song of the Day: “More to Life” – Stacie Orrico

How’s this for out of left field? Picture yourself 10 years ago (you know, a decade), tending to your typical ‘your age today minus 10’ kind of day.  At that point in time I was probably sitting in a minivan, getting dropped off at the movie theater by my parents to catch the latest teen movie with my BFFs.  We’d hang out in the arcade area afterwards and then be back in our respective houses by 10pm.  Sharp.  It would be glorious.  Now, imagine in your ‘day 10 years ago’ that “More to Life” by Stacie Orrico suddenly began playing over the loudspeakers (if you’re picturing your day as taking place outside, roll with it and pretend there are speakers).  The quality of your day slid into one of the following scenarios, where it instantly went from:

  • Terrible to amazing
  • Mediocre to amazing
  • Pretty good to amazing

If you were having a wonderful day, there was nothing missing from your life (except for maybe a driver’s license) simply because your jam was playing and you knew every word.  Having a rough day? Stacie gets you.  She’s totally speaking to your soul because you know what? There’s so much more to life.  She’s been through it all. I mean, haven’t you seen the video?  First, the debt collector comes to her house because she and her boyfriend can’t pay the bills and she has blue hair, then she’s running a race and has to walk and before you know it  she’s a waitress and wipes out at work.  No need to feel alone.  Stacie will sing through your pain.

The lyrics, video and her highlights are so classic early 2000s that it almost makes me wish my parents could drop me off at the theater again.  (I said almost.)  Now for a challenge.  I dare you to play this song and not let out at least a little smile.  That is, if you didn’t let one out thinking about what you were doing 10 years ago.


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