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Hello? It’s tea.

When you’re a person who hates the cold as much as I do, there are few things worse than checking the weather in the morning only to find subzero temperatures. If you live in Chicago like me, that’s a fact of life for a few months out of the year. (It’s a fact of life I refuse to accept, but a fact of life nonetheless.) I can, however, find solace in the fact that once I get to work, I can warm up with one of life’s simplest gifts: a cup of tea.

If only all of my cups of tea were this fancy.

If only all of my cups of tea were this fancy.

No, I’m not British (only in my dreams), nor am I an old woman. I simply have an addiction to tea. I’d compare it to most peoples’ undying love for coffee, except I’m not addicted to tea for the caffeine. I’m addicted to it for its warmth, the never-ending options, and the feeling of calm it induces. So, imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered January is Hot Tea Month!

Hot Tea Month, Haaayyyy

Hot Tea Month, Haaayyyy

As if I needed a reason to honor this glorious beverage. But I’ll happily take the opportunity! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite tea products to celebrate. These are great gift ideas for the tea lover in your life or, if you have tea here and there, these items will bring your hot beverage dreams to realitea. See what I did there?

Tea Mug with Strainer

This is a tea drinker’s dream. The strainer allows you use this container for tea bags and also loose leaf tea. I’ve had one for at least five years and it was life changing! It introduced me to the world of loose leaf teas, and that’s a world I’m happy to be living in. It’s also great for different infused waters. You can find the one I have right here.

Tea Duckie Tea Infuser



While we’re on the subject of loose leaf teas…I highly recommend a Tea Duckie Tea Infuser. My sister is aware of my tea addiction and she got this for me as a Christmas gift. When I’m sitting at home (meaning less mobile and not needing my handy dandy work travel mug) I’m able to enjoy the perfection that is loose leaf tea. A perk of loose leaf tea is it’s good for 3-4 cups! Plus, this little guy is too cute.

Downton Abbey Tea


I realize I just said I’m neither British nor an old woman, but The Republic of Tea’s line of Downton Abbey tea is heavenly. If saying that makes me an old British gal, then color me a confident shade of Maggie Smith. The Christmas Tea and English Rose are easily my favorites, and I’d recommend them to any and all tea drinkers. The flavors are bright and the English Rose is caffeine free, so it’s perfect late at night. I know, I know. My hand knit slippers and HurryCane are showing.

Teacup Candles


These teacup candles aren’t directly correlated to my tea drinking experience, but they’re way too cute not to share. They’re a fusion of two of my biggest addictions: candles and tea. The candles sit in a reused vintage teacup and are made of hand poured, soy wax. I have cinnamon clove and lavender and highly recommend them both. You can check out all of the options here.


On that note, I’m off to put the kettle on and celebrate Hot Tea Month the way it deserves to be celebrated. By judging coffee drinkers.

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