We’ll Miss You, Danny

Danny Gokey

Aside from learning that I am a total sap (yes, I bawled my eyes out during this elimination; judge me), I realized that American Idol does much, much more than create musical superstars.  An idol can be given free cheese dip for life at his favorite restaurant (Kris) or wear snakeskin shoes and not be judged (Adam).  

Jordan Sparks and Katy Perry sang on the Idol stage to serve as fillers until the elimination.  Sparks was flawless, as usual, and Katy Perry was…weird.  Wearing an Elvis Presley looking leotard (white, big collar, gold belt, studs, etc.), she started out Waking Up in Vegas in a white cape with “Adam Lambert” scrawled across the back in red sequins.  Is that ok?

As predicted, Kris Allen was the first one to be announced in the final, followed by Adam Lambert.

This elimination was a tough one.  Danny Gokey, you did an amazing job.   Judging by your visit back home, your fanbase is wide enough to put your name in lights in no time.  Plus, if you keep sounding as good as you did on You Are So Beautiful, it’ll happen faster than you know it.


2 thoughts on “We’ll Miss You, Danny

  1. When Katy Perry stepped onto the stage, I turned to Eric and said that she looked like Snow White meets Elvis. Granted, Elvis is big in Vegas and works with the song, it was an odd combination.

    And as far as predictions go, ummm, ADAM LAMBERT all the way!

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