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Final 2 Perform: “Battle of the Acoustic Rocker and the Glam Rocker”

Adam Lambert


                        VERSUS       Kris Allen 



Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.  For once in my life, I’m not really sure who will win this competition.  Sure, Adam is predicted to be the favorite, but is he going to be able to hold a fan base?  He might blind the audience with his glitter.  Then again, it is impossible to deny that the guy has a voice.  What about Kris Allen?  He has thousands of teenage girls drooling each week, and can somehow pull off singing a Kanye Song while gripping a guitar.

Each contestant will sing 3 songs: one from their favorite performance, one chosen by the show’s producer, Simon Fuller, and one co-written by Kara Dioguardi. 

Kris won the coin-toss and chose to go second.  

Adam’s first song: Mad World.  Solid choice, as it was certainly his best performance.  I’m not quite sure I understand the wardrobe choice.  A long black trench coat and black-leather hobo gloves.  As for his singing…flawless.  Typical.  While this song was clearly one of his best, it is interesting to me that he didn’t scream in this song.  Yes, that’s right.  There was no standard Adam Lambert scream in the entirety of the song’s course.  Showing his sensitive side was definitely a good way to bring in a different set of voters.  Awesome.  (Sidenote–I think Kara wants to date Adam.  Thoughts?)  While he sounded amazing, I do agree with Simon–it was all a bit too theatrical.  Fog, lights and a long coat=Phantom of the Opera.

Kris’ first song: Ain’t No Sunshine.  Love it.  I fell in love with Kris Allen when he sang this song the first time.  Once again, awesome choice.  Reminding the audience that he can also play the piano was a strategic move.  Plus, giving a modern vibe to an older song is never a bad idea.  Way to break out the falsetto, Kris.  That’s your competition’s major move, and the fact that you can pull it off too is awesome.  “You have a way of creating an intimate bond with eveyone in the audience,” says Kara to Kris.  Good call.  His chill voice still has the ability to captivate.  That’s a difficult feat, but you’ve pulled it off.

Round one?  According to Simon, Kris Allen.  According to me, Adam Lambert.

Adam’s second song: A Change is Gonna Come.  Interesting choice.  Adam has done such a great job with the ballads and rock songs, that a soulful blues song is a bit of a surprise to me.  Complaints?  None.  His light grey suit and sky blue tie showed his sensitive song, yet his voice said something completely different.  He did a great job, but I think the typical Adam yell may have ruined it.  The first half was amazing, but the second half, laden with far too many Adam shouts, may have killed it.  Did we really need to hear that many high notes?  No, no we did not.  One would’ve been fine.  You didn’t need to shout the end.  You didn’t need to shout the end! 

Kris’ second song: What’s Goin’ On.  Hello again, guitar.  You’re my favorite, Kris, but the beginning of that was a bit rough.  You were a tiiiny bit under.  It was ok, though, because he saved himself.  His Jason Mraz funk coupled with his awesome trills AND sustained notes made for a great performance.  He created an intimate ambiance with the audience, and from the sounds of it…they loved it.  The judges might not have, but the audience ate it up.

Round two?  According to Simon, “one million percent Adam, round two.”  According to me?  Undecided…

Adam’s third song: No Boundaries (co-written by Kara).  This will be an interesting one to critique, seeing as I’ve never heard it….  For once, it sounded like Adam missed a note.  Yikes.  Sure, this sounds like a tough song, but the first verse also sounds like it was written for a musical.  Adam Lambert much?  I have learned that Adam Lambert has a hard time singing faster non-rock songs.  Yowza.  I believe I was expecting something a bit better than that, Adam.  Maybe I need to hear the song again.  I agree with Randy–“Not my favorite Adam performance…a little pitchy.”  Kara, stop obsessing over him.  It’s awkward to watch and/or listen to.

Kris’ third song: No Boundaries.   Step away from the mic!  Kris Allen sounds nervous!  Maybe it’s because the song was written for Adam (it’s super high and all musically) and it’s, well, not that great of a song.  Kris Allen did get a chance to showcase his vibrato and raspy voice a bit, though.  That most certainly saved him on this song.  It may not have made up for the couple of notes that he missed, but he sounded better than Adam.  Hooray!  (Sidenote–Kara, IF YOU KNEW THAT KEY WAS TOO HIGH FOR KRIS ALLEN, WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU CHOOSE THAT KEY?  Once again, stop drooling over Adam.  YUCK.)

Round three?  According to Simon–well, he basically professed his love to Adam.  According to me, Kris by a mile. 

A letter to the judges:  Please stop making it so obvious that you are all obsessed with Adam.  You practically told Kris Allen that he lost, and congratulated him on a great season.  It isn’t over yet.  

A letter to Kris:  Please win and prove the judges wrong.  Thank you.


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