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Sneak Peek: Lakisha Jones’ “So Glad I’m Me”

Wahhh! I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a CD that hasn’t even been released yet! Don’t worry, though. So Glad I’m Me comes out this Tuesday, May 19th, so you don’t have to wait too long. (A bit of info in case you aren’t as idol-crazed as I am: Lakisha Jones finished 4th on Season 6.)

LaKisha Jones Album Cover

“So Glad I’m Me” makes me want to do one thing: strut. Odd reaction, I know, but it’s one of those CDs that needs to be blasted while getting ready to go out. It also needs to be accompanied with a hairbrush microphone and a full length mirror.

After listening to the first song, I was expecting a typical R&B record. I was wrong. Not only does this CD live and breathe current R&B, I also felt as though some of the songs could have been heard in the movie Dream Girls. “Beautiful Girl” is full of the chimes and tight harmonies that were so prominent in the movie. In fact, I bet if you closed your eyes, you couldn’t help but see the light bouncing off of 3 sequined dresses.

Jones’ new CD exudes confidence. So Glad I’m Me, the second track on the CD, even inflated my ego a bit. No, not really, but it made me feel great. Rather than delivering sexually explicit messages laden with comments that are degrading to women, I walked strutted away from it feeling good about myself.

Isn’t that what music is supposed to do? That’s what I thought.

Not all of the songs are as fast paced as So Glad I’m Me. Jones also has the ability to slow things down, and sing songs about difficulties we all come across. Nothing is about a permanent break-up, yet she still sings about it with confidence, singing that nothing her ex does could ever make her fall back in love with him. Huh, another song showing the strength of a woman. Thank you for that.

Another great slower song is Just As I Am. The combination of strong vocals, strings, a goosebump giving key change, piano and electric guitar (in an R&B song?! Crazy, I know.), makes for an amazing finish to a great CD. If you’re looking for something different to listen to for the summer “So Glad I’m Me” is it. Jones’ vocals will not disappoint you and the diverse track list will certainly keep you on your toes. Head out to stores or iTunes on May 19th and pick it up.

So Glad I’m Me:

Just As I Am:


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