Blogging is a passion project
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Blogging is a passion project

2016 marks the seventh year of HauteThought’s existence. That’s right, I’ve been blabbing in my own corner of the Internet for seven whole years. That number took me by surprise. I feel like I’m still getting my feet wet, slowly trying to figure out topics and points of focus, yet this blog has been around for … Continue reading

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Attaloss opens a door to success with self-titled, debut album

You’ve all heard the story. A music hungry individual moves to L.A. to satiate his dreams of becoming a successful artist. Between struggles to hold a day job, find the perfect sound and book enough gigs to make a name for himself, he becomes mentally and physically exhausted. And that’s the end of it. However, … Continue reading

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Tony Lucca’s “Rendezvous With the Angels” review; ‘It’s about the ebb and flow of love,’ he says

Tony Lucca, an artist who has been singing since the age of 3, playing in Detroit-area bands since age 12 and a past member of the Mickey Mouse Club, has done it again.  His July release, “Rendezvous With the Angels,” does not have a single flaw and serves as an instant mood lifter and distraction … Continue reading