Crosby Loggins “Time to Move”

Crosby Loggins Cover

I am not a scientist, but I do understand one small part of genetics: certain traits are passed on from parent to child.  Simple, right?  Evidently, musical talent stands as one of the traits that can be transmitted from father to son.

Does the last name Loggins happen to ring a bell?  Crosby Loggins is the son of the ballad master Kenny Loggins (pictured below).

Kenny Loggins Album Cover

Moving on…

Crosby Loggins doesn’t need his father in order to make a name for himself in the music world.  Loggins (Crosby, not Kenny) recently won MTV’s Rock the Cradle contest and has worked with producer John Alagia.  Alagia is best known for his work with Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer.

Not bad, not bad at all.

“Time to Move” is Loggins’ debut album with Jive Records.  Its chill vibe makes it perfect for drives, the office or any other venue the listener deems worthy of the instant relaxation serum the CD seems to possess.

Loggins’ sound is a bit different than what is mainstream today, but that’s not to say it has not been heard before.  His vocals are reminiscent of a slightly less nasally and more modern version of James Taylor.  Part of me expected to hear him break out into You’ve Got a Friend midway through the CD.  Loggins’ voice possesses the same soothing quality that made Taylor so popular and remains so throughout the course of the CD.  I love it.

Time to Move, the third track on the CD, features an excellent guitar solo by none other than John Mayer himself.  The guitar break amps the song up and fits in seamlessly with Loggins’ lyrics and vocals.  The sequence of the song is conversational.  He starts out a bit timid and explains the premise of how he is feeling.

It’s 3am, I’m tangled up over you…think so much, it hurts my head.

As time passes in the conversation between Loggins and his audience, instruments are added and he feels more comfortable in deciding that it is time to move.  His voice becomes stronger, a killer John Mayer guitar solo occurs and the song takes off.  He is confident in his decision and we have closure.

Attempting to choose standout songs from this album has proven to be an impossible challenge.  The songs all possess a similar sound and make the entire CD extremely easy to listen to and enjoy.  I have just listened to the CD 3 times in a row in hopes of picking out my favorites…but I can’t.  Each time I think I’ve decided, the next track begins and I don’t want it to be slighted.

Too many favorites.  The track list is as follows:

1.) Good Enough

2.) Seriously

3.) Time to Move

4.) Better Days

5.) Only One

6.) Radio Heart

7.) Heaven Help Me

8.) Everything

9.) You Want to be With Me

10.) Nobody no more

Fans of John Mayer, James Taylor or Jon McLaughlin, prepare to melt.  Head to Crosby Loggins’ website to learn more about Crosby Loggins. Next, make the virtual trip to the Itunes store and add about, oh, say 10 new songs to your library.

Seriously (Loggins’ latest single):

Loggins in the studio:


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