The Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson dancing

Today, the world says goodbye to an international superstar.  Michael Jackson, a natural-born performer, stunned audiences everywhere with his songwriting abilities, versatile voice and impeccable dance moves.

I found out about Michael Jackson in a text message while I was in the middle of the city of Chicago.  Since this was such a shock, I thought it was a joke…an attention grabber of sorts.  It pains me that it wasn’t.  Never again will we be graced with the man in the mirror’s presence.

My sister and I have a slight obsession with the self-dubbed King of Pop.  When we were in grade school, we got a VHS tape of some of his best music videos and would watch it for hours on end.  The two of us would even force our friends to watch it with us.  They may have complained at first, but within the first few minutes of the video, they were captivated.

(We now own the DVD; don’t worry.)

Michael Jackson, you will be sorely missed.  Not a single person will live his life without hearing one of your songs or being shocked by the smoothness and fluidity of your dance moves.

Jackson truly defined the term “artist” and gave the world one hell of a ride.

Some of our favorites:

Remember the Time (video ft. Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson):

Billie Jean (Just found out he came up with the bass line of this song in the car):

Black or White:

The Way You Make Me Feel:


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